How can we find hope that carries us through the difficulties in life?

At some point all of us face times of hardship, suffering, and despair that can turn our lives upside down and break our hearts wide open. During these trials we may feel alone, overwhelmed by circumstances, and afraid that God has abandoned us. In the fog of adversity, we hold our broken hearts in our hands and cry out to God, “Why?” “How could you let this happen?” “Where were you?”

Catastrophe can shake the stability of our world, leaving us to wonder about God’s love for us, and raising even more questions. 


Why am I suffering?

Will this trial ever end?

How will I get through this?

Does God even see me?        


In Held by God, the authors share their own struggle with these questions as the family travels an uncertain road through three serious medical challenges; catamenial pneumothorax, renal artery stenosis, and cancer. Written in a conversational style that weaves Biblical truths throughout the narrative, the book intertwines the authors’ story with the accounts of Job, Paul, and King David, among others, to provide unique examples of God’s unchanging character. Understanding God’s faithfulness and recognizing his provision, allows us to find rest during times of turmoil and gives us a hope that endures.