Their story, told in poetic detail, will encourage you as you find yourself facing unthinkable circumstances…  Cherie Hill, Author of Be Still: Let Jesus Calm Your Storms 

Held by God is an amazing work, penned by two sisters Lynn Willers and Lori Phillips. The dual authors' voice lent a warmth to the book - one which I have not come across before... apparent was their shared love for the Lord which was boldly, unabashedly shared throughout this anointed book. Thank you Lynn and Lori for this amazingly hopeful, informative, enjoyable, warm, and comforting work. Many will 
be ministered to as a result.
  Christina Donato, blogging at “Christina Will Review It" 

...[the authors] have a warm inviting writing style. This is a beautifully written book that provides many moments of contemplation.  Rebecca Johnson "The Rebecca Review," Amazon Top 10 Reviewer

I finished Held by God while sitting in a wooden shack in Ar Ramadi, Iraq, waiting for a late helicopter. Having known Lori and Lynn my entire life made the reading more profound and intimate for me. It touched me deeply. I laughed, I cried, I remembered. But mostly, by the end, I found myself talking to God. It had been a while...Well worth the read.  Michael S. (family friend and US Marine Reserve,  serving in Iraq at the time of this review) 

Reading their story is much like reading a journal. They've been transparent about their feelings while conveying the important truth that no matter what we face, or how difficult the challenge, we are in fact, held by God. I found their story to be inspirational and very moving. These two ladies have gleaned spiritual insights that can only be found in the fiery furnace of life.  Melinda Lancaster

This book really resonated with me...[The authors] have been through so much and yet they lean on God and give Him the praise. This book is one I will recommend to those who are suffering.  Sandra Stiles, blogging at The Musings of a Book Addict

Held by God by Lori Phillips and Lynn Willers is a poignant look at the struggles twin sisters faced and the faith that got them through it. The writing is honest and affecting, and readers will be inspired by the sisters' strength and reliance on the Lord.  Christina Lockstein "Christy's Book Blog," Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

If your eyes of faith are open, God is visible walking with us in our pain. In the last chapter, the authors say that when we go through terrible struggles, "God provides the strength we need to get through it. This does not mean that the suffering is easy, but it does mean that we are not alone." Throughout the book the authors show that God was with them. That is an encouragement for us to do the same.  
James Ulvog

...this is a very inspirational story of a family who find comfort, hope, and strength in God in navigating through their life difficulties...Families [and] individuals going through similar difficulties will find inspiration, hope and comfort in reading this book [and] medical personnel can learn a great deal in [the] patient's involvement in diagnosis and management of difficult medical conditions. A highly recommended reading.  M. Mariba "the teacher" Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

This book was such an encouragement. It really shows how the hand of God is in every part of life, the good times and especially the trials and suffering. What a blessing to have the assurance that we are held by God!  Soccer Mom